“I don’t make a big distinction between nonfiction and fiction. What’s important to me is the strength and originality of the writing voice.”
— Marni Jackson

Don't I Know You?

Don’t I Know You?

Flatiron Books, September 2016

Famous people are partly products of our imagination: this original collection of interlocking stories casts Keith Richards, Meryl Streep, Bill Murray and other stars as fictional characters who play unusual roles in the life of the main character, writer Rose McEwan.

The Mother Zone

The Mother Zone

Vintage Books, 1992

“Motherhood is like Albania—you can’t trust the brochures, you have to go there.” Fearless, funny and groundbreaking, this bestselling memoir has found a new generation of grateful mothers.


Pain: The Fifth Vital Sign

Random House, 2002

A deeply researched, personal investigation into the puzzle of chronic pain, and what science can earn from literature about the nature of suffering.

Home Free

Home Free: The Myth of the Empty Nest

Thomas Allen, 2010

Adult children are sticking closer to home longer as they redefine the word “job”. But wasn’t this how family always worked, before the Boomers invented the “generation gap”?